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Mobile Detailing Services

Since 2020, Redbush’s wash and wax has provided quality services to the Las Vegas Valley providing them with a personalized experience to meet your needs. With a professional approach you deserve. Select an option below to learn more about all of our Mobile Auto Wash and Detailing Services in Las Vegas.

Redbush's Wash & Wax is a

Detail King Certified Auto Detailer!

We Exclusively Use Detail King Equipment & Products

As a Detail King Certified Las Vegas mobile car detailer we offer comprehensive detailing services for vehicles on the go. Our professionals are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and chemicals that help us achieve a superior level of cleaning and detailing.

We use high-pressure steam cleaning machines, specialized brushes, and a variety of echo-friendly and biodegradable chemicals from Detail King to clean and sanitize every inch of your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

In addition, we have advanced detailing tools such as rotary polishers and detailing clay bars to remove imperfections, scratches, and stains from the paintwork.

By using such professional-grade equipment, we deliver outstanding results that not only restore your vehicle’s appearance, but also protects it from further wear and tear.

Some of Our

Mobile Auto Wash Services

RedBush’s Wash and Wax offers a wide range of services to meet all of your vehicle’s cleaning and detailing needs, including exterior hand wash, interior only cleaning, interior vacuuming, engine bay and hood cleaning, fleet maintenance, and more; ensuring that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle receive a thorough and professional cleaning and detailing treatment.

Exterior Hand Wash Only
Prices start as low as $25!

Our exterior hand wash involves thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your vehicle by hand, using high-quality techniques, eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning products, and there's no need for a fixed location or water source.

Why Interior Vacuuming Is Vital for Your Vehicle

Interior Cleaning Only
Prices start as low as $25!

For our standard interior cleaning service, our certified professionals use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products to remove dirt, dust, and odors from your vehicle’s interior, designed to fit any budget.

Exterior + Interior Cleaning
Prices start as low as $35!

Our Standard Exterior + Interior Cleaning service includes a hand wash of your vehicle's exterior and standard wipe-down and vacuuming of the interior, leaving your vehicle looking and feeling refreshed.

*All prices are subject to change on-site.
Save Money And Time

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We Offer Multiple Options for Mobile Auto Detailing in Las Vegas

Custom Mobile Auto Detailing Services Available

Mobile auto detailing services are a comprehensive cleaning service that involves deep cleaning of both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, using specialized tools and techniques to get into all the nooks and crannies. Unlike mobile auto wash services, which typically only include a basic exterior wash, mobile auto detailing services offer a thorough cleaning and protection of your vehicle’s surfaces, including the interior.

*All prices are subject to change on-site.
Happy Cars, Happy Clients


Yelp Review

Ken is above and beyond! Stopped to help me out with a quick mess even though i wasn’t a customer. Spent the the next 15 minutes watching his attention to detail on the car he was there to work on, and already have plans to have him work on mine.

Nicholas K. - Henderson, NV
Yelp Review

I am thrilled to share my experience with RedBush’s Wash and Wax, and specifically the amazing job that Ken did detailing my car. From start to finish, Ken was a true professional, and his attention to detail was second to none. He truly went above and beyond to ensure that my car was looking its absolute best, and I could not be more pleased with the results.

I highly recommend RedBush’s Wash and Wax to anyone looking for a top-notch detailing job. Ken is truly a master of his craft, and he takes great pride in his work. If you want your car to look its best, then you need to call RedBush’s Wash and Wax today!

Danny B. - Las Vegas, NV
Yelp Review

These guys come to the hospital weekly to provide their service. Today was the first time I had the pleasure of using their services. My car looks wonderful. 10/10 will return.

Crystal O. - Las Vegas, NV
First Yelp Review

Ken literally almost died to get my car detailed today. Sure I might be exaggerating, but not by much. Today was an unseasonably hot Spring day. It felt like a July day in the desert. I tried working outside but the sun was brutal and I gave up doing any work in the direct sun. Ken however spent from 9 am – 6 pm working on my car. He didn’t want to but he had to take a break or else he was going to collapse from heat exhaustion. My car is not worth that. But that’s how dedicated Ken is to doing an excellent job…he put his life on the line for a quality detail job. I promise not to wait so long and let my car get this bad again before calling Ken to detail it inside and out. I don’t want to risk his life again.

I picked up my teenage son after Ken finished detailing my car. The first thing my son said to me was that he liked the new car I bought. It really does feel like a new/used car you’d buy from a dealer or CarMax. Ken exceeded my expectations.

I found him to be super polite, professional and dependable. He confirmed our appointment the night before and answered every one of my questions on the phone because I had no idea what he was talking about. I don’t know much about cars and detailing options so he explained everything to me so I knew what I was getting from him. No surprises.

I will call Ken again and will be sure to use his services on a more consistent basis to avoid needing an entire day to clean my car. It really did need it.

Kristin E. - Las Vegas, NV

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