Dye, Polish, & Paint Correction

Dye, Polish, and Paint Correction: Restoring Your Vehicle's Interior and Exterior to Like-New Condition

Mobile Auto Paint Correction Services in Las Vegas

Welcome to RedBush’s Wash and Wax, your one-stop-shop for all your mobile auto detailing needs in Las Vegas. We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle’s appearance, which is why we offer a wide range of services, including Mobile Auto Paint Correction.

Paint Correction is a specialized service that requires advanced tools, materials, and expertise to ensure your vehicle’s exterior surfaces are restored to like-new condition. We offer a comprehensive range of Paint Correction services, including dyeing, polishing, and paint correction, to cater to all your vehicle’s needs.

Dyeing, polishing, and Paint Correction are three essential services that can significantly improve your vehicle’s appearance. Dyeing is a process used to restore or change the color of weathered exterior trim, vinyl, or plastic surfaces. Our certified professionals will first clean the surface to be dyed, then apply a color-matched dye using specialized tools and techniques. The dye is then allowed to dry and cure, leaving the surface looking like new.

Polishing is a process used to remove fine scratches and swirl marks from a vehicle’s paint. Our mobile auto detailers use a machine polisher and a series of abrasive compounds to carefully remove a thin layer of paint, leveling out the surface and restoring a deep shine. The polishing process may also involve the use of a finishing polish to enhance the shine and protect the paint.

Paint Correction is a more extensive version of polishing, designed to correct deeper scratches, swirl marks, and other imperfections in a vehicle’s paint. Our mobile auto detailers will use a range of specialized tools and techniques, including sanding, compounding, and polishing, to carefully remove a thin layer of paint and restore a smooth, even surface. The paint correction process may take several hours or even days to complete, depending on the extent of the damage.

At RedBush’s Wash and Wax, we understand that each vehicle has different needs, which is why we offer Mix & Match Add-Ons to personalize your detailing service. These extras include Excessive Pet Hair Removal, Engine Bay & Hood Cleaning, Shampoo of Carpets Only, Seat Cleaning (cloth and leather), and Carnauba Wax. Our Mix & Match Add-Ons are available at different prices for cars, Small SUV’s, or Big SUV’s & Trucks.

In Las Vegas, where the climate can be extreme, it is essential to keep your vehicle’s paint and interior surfaces in top condition to protect them from the harsh sun and dust. Our Mobile Auto Paint Correction service can restore your vehicle’s appearance to a like-new condition and protect it from future damage.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact RedBush’s Wash and Wax today to schedule your Mobile Auto Paint Correction service and enjoy a car that looks and feels brand new!

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Extras & Addons

Mix & Match for Your Personal Touch

Mobile Auto Detailing Pet Hair Removal
Excessive Pet Hair Removal
Cars $35 • Trucks & SUV $45

Excessive pet hair removal is a time process of removing hair from a vehicle's interior using specialized tool which leaves your carpet hair free.

Mobile Auto Detailing Engine Bay & Hood Cleaning
Engine Bay & Hood Cleaning
Cars $65 • Trucks & SUV $75

We clean and steam engine bay and hood of your vehicle to remove dirt, grime, grease and debris using specialized non-flammable cleaning products.

Mobile Auto Detailing Carpet Shampoo
Shampoo of Carpets Only
Cars $75 • Trucks & SUV $85

We deep clean your vehicle's carpets to remove dirt, stains, and odors using a high powered heated extractor to leave your carpets clean and crisp.

Mobile Auto Detailing Seat Cleaning
Seat Cleaning
Cars $75 • Trucks & SUV $85

We shampoo seats or treat and condition leather to remove dirt, stains, and grime to restore your seats shine using high grade professional products.

Mobile Auto Detailing Carnauba Wax
Carnauba Wax - Cars $100 • Trucks & SUV $120

We use a top grade carnauba wax which helps protect your paint from the UV rays from the desert sun, leaving your car's paint shining.

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